Peaceful Valley Pet Crematorium
"A Treasured Memorial for Your Cherished Pet.”

  Dedicated to the memory of Jed and Cortnie who wrapped their tails around our hearts.

  Your Choice of Urns

We ensure the utmost professional handling of your pets and their remains while they are in our care. We offer prompt service and carry a wide assortment of urns to meet individual preferences. We also offer pick up and delivery services.

*Our NEW Urns*

Made from 90% recycled materials, these beautiful new urns are environmentally friendly and biodegradable!                                     Small Urn $25
           Large Urn $35

Ceramic Urn


This urn is readily available in black or white. They can be personalized with a lovely gold or silver chain and tag to hang around the top.  Our tags come in the shapes shown below or you can use your pet’s current tags.                                    $20, $30 or $40

 The Odyssey Series

These hand crafted pewter urns come in two different styles. They can be personalized with the name plate of your choice (see examples above) hanging on a chain around the top of the urn. Choose either a single pewter paw print or double gold paw print for the top.

Small                  $65
Medium                $75
Large                  $85

Black and Oak Finish Wooden Photo Box
Add a favourite picture of your pet and a gold or silver plate to personalize your Photo Box. 
There are three sizes available and a choice between a black finish or a birch finish.
Small                        $70
Medium                      $75
Large                        $80
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