Peaceful Valley Pet Crematorium
"A Treasured Memorial for Your Cherished Pet.”

  Dedicated to the memory of Jed and Cortnie who wrapped their tails around our hearts.

Cremation Prices

Private Cremation 

Private cremation prices differ depending on your pet's weight. Please call us for details regarding the cost for your pet.

Mass Cremation 

When pets arrive at Peaceful Valley Pet Crematorium for a mass cremation they are treated with the same respect and dignity given to private services. We think of this service as the “Circle of Life”. When we chose the name of our facility, Peaceful Valley, we felt it was very appropriate as it is a peaceful, beautiful place for your pet to be cared for and laid to rest. Our environmentally friendly process includes composting the mass cremation ashes and spreading them back on our land in the beautiful Assiniboine Valley, thus completing the "Circle of Life". Please call us for details regarding the cost of this service for your pet.



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